Hello and welcome! My name is Sabina and I have created this website for the purpose of sharing my passion for and knowledge on everything health,  nutrition, and fitness related. My own health and fitness journey has been evolving since about 2006. I have since acquired many valuable learning experiences, mistakes, and triumphs, and I want to share them (and many healthy recipes) with you! 

What led me to so madly and deeply fall in love with fitness and nutrition was a breaking point in my life during the last two years of high school. In short, my childhood and adolescent years danced around countless hardships - foster care, group homes, family addiction, irreparable family dynamics.

For many years, food was a coping mechanism; eating was an act of blissful avoidance and escape from reality; and my body was the carrier of it all, the object of greatest discomfort and self-criticism. My relationship patterns with those around me, with myself, and with food were not healthy. I was angry but silent about it. I reacted in ways I shouldn't have to my loved ones, I ate extra servings of food that I shouldn't have, I judged myself for every pound I gained that I shouldn't have. And one day, to get out of the house during a tumultuous time, I went for a very long and far bike ride. It was liberating. It was therapeutic. And I didn't need to eat to appease my emotions that night. I tried it again. Then I tried running. I was moving more and eating less. The incessant cravings and preoccupation with food dissipated - it wasn't controlling me anymore. There was a sense of empowerment that came with every pound I dropped. I felt proud. Movement became my therapy. I had energy. I no longer turned to the kitchen in search of a  blanket for my pain. 

Relationships are hard. It's amazing how much our eating patterns and relationships with food unveil about our lives, about the deeper matters at hand. It's amazing how much therapy there is in moving our bodies, in pushing through limits, and in refusing the luring invitations to self-pity-chocolate-cake-parties.

I invite you to join me on a quest to gaining a grip over your life, over what you eat, how you treat your body and your Self. The best feel-good medicine doesn't come from pints of ice-cream or prescriptions from doctors. The best medicine is FOOD and MOVEMENT. These will build you a body and mind that are capable of thriving through it all. After all, your body and your mind - these are your companions for life.

  Sabina Z. Hart    Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist, N.A.S.M.    B.A. Psychology    B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies   Β 

Sabina Z. Hart

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist, N.A.S.M.

B.A. Psychology

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies