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I'f you haven't found it yet, please do - the silky, fine, powdery, gluten-free flour of your dreams - Otto's Cassava Flour. This is just the same as plain old white flour, without the gluten/grain/nut concern, and with the health benefits of fiber and being a whole food (aka yuca, it's essentially a ground up root vegetable)

It will sub 1:1 in almost any recipe, and no one will know.

Check out my FLUFFIEST Cassava Flour Pancake Recipe HERE !

Vital Proteins:

With no intention to convince, I simply share what I love - items that have landed a special place in my daily routines and made a difference in the way I feel. Vital Proteins collagen peptides and beef gelatin (plus collagen whey on occasion) consistently show up in my daily recipes.

  • The peptides blend seamlessly into everything without affecting flavor or texture.
  • The gelatin lends a miracle of froth to coffees and teas, and creates a thick, pudding-like consistency in smoothie bowls - heck, you can make healthy puddings and gummies of any flavor in an instant.
  • Why care? The benefits are real -  quicker joint and muscle recovery after workouts; nails, hair, and skin feel and look stronger; nourishing and easy on the stomach and GI tract (no distress of any sort). If you can't tolerate whey or plant-based proteins, most likely you will tolerate the peptides and gelatin quite well because they promote healing of the gut.
  • It's important to mix up your protein sources (and all foods, actually). Consuming the same type of items (i.e., whey) day in and day out forever on end, your body may start to develop a slight "intolerance" to it. If your change it up, you can likely prevent that from happening. I found this out the hard way after many years of consuming whey every single day. I eventually started getting bloated and fatigued for no apparent reason. A few blood tests later, I found out that my body was developing higher levels of antibodies again lactoalbumin (in short, whey). Now, I alternate - collagen peptides, plant proteins, and sometimes whey. But the best protein, of course, comes from whole foods (wild salmon and seafood, organic poultry, pastured eggs, grass-fed meats, beans, etc.).

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt and seasonings are in my top daily must-haves. This is a quality of salt that is authentic, unprocessed, and holds a wide range of nutritionally vital minerals of great therapeutic quality for the body. As close to nature as you can imagine, there are no additives and nothing is removed from the salt that would alter it. Wholesome. Raw. Unrefined.

Why do I care? With the amount of working out I do, I need my salt with minerals, and I need it to work for my body and for my adrenals.

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