Mango and Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark






When you start making your own chocolate bark, you will emerge from the sad darkness that lurks within conventional supermarket "chocolate" wrappers.

It takes five minutes. The effort required is laughably nonexistent. The ingredients are minimal. The flavor is beautifully complex, rich, uniquely it's own, unlike anything you can find that has been sitting in a wrapper for months. And it's actually a HEALTHY treat (so long as you don't eat it all at once). The fats here are unadulterated, wholesome, and satisfying. If you leave out the dried mango chunks, you can make it nearly carb-free. The recipe is very versatile - you have freedom to experiment by substituting ingredients and making your own combinations and flavors. 

*Please note: brands suggested are those I have made staples in my own kitchen, that I myself enjoy and trust the quality of. 


  • 2 Tb coconut butter (Artisana Organics)

  • 2 Tb coconut oil (Artisana Organics)

  • 1-2+ Tb raw cashew and/or almond butter (Artisana Organics)

  • 1-2 Tb Cacao paste (Sunfood) - optional [you can sub dark chocolate chips or broken up chocolate bar)

  • Organic/high quality cacao powder (2+ Tb)

  • Few pinches of high quality salt ( Celtic Sea Salt)

  • Organic dried mango, chopped/slivered

  • Dried coconut chips

  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Other creative add-ins and ideas: maca powder, carob powder, nuts, any dried fruit, cacao nibs. etc.


1. In a saucepan (or double broiler), melt first four ingredients over low heat.

2. Remove from heat and immediately add cacao powder, salt, vanilla, and anything else you want (such as maca powder, carob powders, etc.). If mixture becomes too thick, add a bit more coconut oil until a thick pourable consistency is achieved

3. On a flat baking sheet or shallow square/rectangular pan lined with parchment paper, spread out mango chunks and coconut chips. Pour chocolate mixture evenly over. Freeze for 20+ minutes. Transfer to fridge for at least 30 minutes. Break or cut into chunks. 

- Keeps well stored in fridge.

You can get as creative as you like with a base of melted pure chocolate and nut butters. Some of my favorites combos have been with crystallized ginger; one with Artisana organic cashew butter; another with chopped almonds and creamy medjool dates [below: left to right, respectively].

Artisana Ginger Coconut Chocolate.jpg
Artisana Casew Chocolate.jpg
Artisana Choc. 2 - dates +.jpg